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Check out the fantastic year-end holiday deal we've put together for you! It's quite alright if you feel like a kid in a candy store, because what you see here is our RevSelect vendors giving it all to you when you buy a Revolution license at the regular price!

Has your project ever slowed down because you needed a higher-performance database engine? Or you spent too much time designing reports by hand? Or just needed a quality interface with professional icons and sound effects? Now you have it all at your fingertips!

We've never offered a bundle like this at such an attractive price. Now's the time to jump on this offer so you can

Programming Productivity
Business Add-Ons
Industrial-Strength Database
Multimedia Utilities
Professional Iconography
Audio Clips
Professional Development
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Amazing software tools

Our flagship Revolution, the quick-to-learn natural language development environment. Plus the innovative GLX2 script editor, and Tactile Media's powerful gradient and color manager.

Essential business add-ons

Get professional output and make quick work of complex reports -- invoices, labels, even booklets -- and generate PDF documents easily from within Revolution with products from Quartam.

Live, in-person training

Gain free admission to "Day One" of the RunRevLive 2008 conference, where you'll learn the essential elements of coding, from manipulating text and graphics to mastering the Internet.

Multimedia utilities

Give your solutions a polished look and feel. Delight your end users with audio management software from Tactile Media, the celebrated Animation Engine utility, and the handy Screensteps tool.

Professional icons

Three distinctive packages of beautiful and versatile icons from IconPeople that you can use in every project you create in Revolution. These icons lend a clean, consistent look to your work.

audio files

Hundreds of royalty-free clips, long and short, that you can incorporate into your applications quickly and easily - from Mojo Audio and Meshbox.

Industrial strength database engines

With both the Macintosh and Windows versions of the Valentina 2 database engine, enabling you to leapfrog beyond MySQL and SQLite.

This is without a doubt the most incredible collection of software we've ever offered, for the most amazing price you can imagine. For an extremely limited time, receive thousands of dollars of the best Revolution software and training for just the normal price of a Revolution license.

That's right - you'll receive more than 20 professional software packages plus a full day of training absolutely free. No tricks here, these are the full retail versions, not trial editions.

Better yet, you have the freedom to select how you get your bundle. Choose Revolution Studio or the multi-platform Revolution Enterprise. Obtain a fresh license, or extend your existing license by one year. Either way, you get the full collection at a price you can't beat! Only Revolution enables you to express your logic in a simple, natural language syntax based on English. And the best part is, once you write your program you can easily deploy it on all major operating systems -- Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Revolution is the ultimate choice for software development, whether you're creating an in-house utility, managing business processes, connecting to databases, creating courseware, building a game, or designing the next "killer app." And this bundle is your chance to get it all with the ultimate collection of add-on software that unlocks the full potential of Revolution. Don't let this phenomenal offer pass you by! Give yourself the gift of the complete RevSelect library, available now for a limited time with your Revolution purchase.

Offer terms: Receive the RevSelect bundle when you pay the full retail price for Revolution Studio ($399 or £199 for customers outside the USA) or Revolution Enterprise ($999/£499). Active license holders and recent purchasers may choose to extend their license by one year in lieu of receiving a new license. Not valid with update packs or upgrades. Training is offered at the RunRevLive conference on 8th May 2008; travel and lodging not included. See for details. Not valid in combination with any other offer. Promotion valid only from December 10, 2007 through January 10, 2008.