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We think you are special - get 1 year of LiveCode FREE

Dear {{contact.firstname}},

We really appreciate your loyalty to LiveCode. Now that we have successfully reworked our licensing model to include Community, we'd like to offer you a little assistance to move over to our new licensing.


As a valued customer, for just the next few weeks you can purchase a LiveCode Commercial license and receive an additional year of upgrades free.

Get 1 year free on commercial

Stay ahead of the curve. Protect your code and use all the latest updates, new features and improvements to LiveCode that we release in that time.

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Get support in our dedicated new Commercial Support forum. If you have questions about your code or a problem to solve, post in the forum and our technical staff will answer you.

Get Support

If you have questions about the changes I'd love to hear from you. Please do get in touch!

Warm Regards


P.S. You have been specially selected to receive this offer. It is your own personal reward and non-transferrable. Use it before it expires!

Get 1 year free on commercial